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Ready for A Smile Makeover??

Watch this video from our patient  Sheila who's smile was re-created by

Team Smilesketch!

AB Shelia Befoer.jpg
Ac Shelia After.jpg

What are the steps of  Makeover?

Examining an X-ray
Step #1

We perform a detailed exam, digital x-rays, photographs, impressions in order to develop a custom dental treatment plan.

Making Posters
Step #2

Our Team of Dentists and Dental Lab will take all the info and develop options to re-create your smile!

Dental Assistant
Step #3

The treatment plan is presented, finances are discussed and settled and then the dental work begins. 

Dentist Chair
Step #4

This custom treatment plan can take several days to several months. There is never a rush to finish cosmetic work as it has to be done perfectly.

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